We provide premium, custom market research to answer your critical, complex business questions.

Learn what your consumers really believe and how they will actually behave.

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We are specialists with capabilities in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Rooted in proven theory and social science, our custom engagements utilize predictive techniques and models to help you make decisions based on what is going to happen, not what has already taken place. 

We have expertise in many sectors, including packaged goods, lottery and gaming, financial services, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, sports and leisure, and beverage alcohol and cannabis. 

Leverage subconscious biases and barriers in decision-making to ‘nudge’ in the desired direction

Develop effective, targeted strategies based on distinct, stable, and deeply motivating needs

Get more accurate results—for less cost—than traditional testing using the predictive power of crowds

Optimize messaging with a predictive model leveraging the impact of communication elements

Simulate real decision-making with a highly predictive, pragmatic behavioural model

Discover consumers' unmet, unstated needs by experiencing their lives as they do

Innovate and build resilience by expanding your assumptions to imagine multiple futures

Generate and optimize solutions by exploring all aspects of your business that customers interact with

Visualize how people act, think, and feel during key interactions to improve and deepen engagement

Uncover unconscious drivers of behaviour, which are stable, predictable, motivating, and most satisfying

Achieve higher revenue and profits at the brand, portfolio or category level

Enhance brand health and optimize brand positioning with future-oriented metrics

Our clients have a mix of global and national brands – and no matter the scale, they always come first. Our clients consistently return to us with their most important customer, product, and market opportunities. We start as advisors—but we become partners. 

 Research Strategy Group is an insights agency focused on innovation. We have been in business since 1994, but we have never rested on our laurels. In an industry sometimes known for its conservative nature, we push to innovate. 

 Thankfully, we have been fortunate enough to have clients who appreciate our constant quest for more and better insight. In fact, they have come to rely on it. And not just in Canada, but around the world.